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Shade Blinds Keep Sun, Rain and Wind out of Pergolas

Your pergola and veranda can be great outdoor spaces, where you extend your living areas, entertain guests or just enjoy the outdoors. However, if the weather keeps you out of yours, then it is not much benefit to you. If this is the case, you might want to look into installing outdoor blinds to keep the rain and wind at bay.

You can find beautifully designed outdoor blinds that are tough enough to hold up to the weather, but delicate enough to still give you the feeling of being outdoors. The clear PVC keeps the rain and cold winds out, but also allows just the clarity to see through to your garden, pool, or just watch the kids play.

With outdoor blinds, you’ll be able to use your pergola and veranda more than ever before. Don’t let the weather keep you indoors anymore. Those spaces were meant to be enjoyed, not avoided.