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Avanti Blinds: Your Best Source of Top choice Clear Cafe Blinds, Outdoor Blinds, PVC Blinds and Shade Blinds in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide

Providing high-grade clear cafe blinds created to withstand challenges of the ever changing weather, turning any outdoor area into a serene environment.

PVC blinds
PVC blinds

These Australian made products have come about as a revolutionary development in their respective field, one which is now rapidly spreading worldwide. They are perfect for enclosing an outdoor area that is practical and cost effective for any type of location.

Avanti Blinds offers the highest grade materials for our clear cafe blinds Sydney with a free custom design and fitting to guarantee every customer's satisfaction and convenience. See our products page to view our clear outdoor blinds Sydney as well as an extended wide variety of other blinds. We aim to accommodate each customer with first class service, a testament to the quality of products we offer.

From Classic to Modern

We provide custom made design from classic to contemporary outdoor blinds Sydney to suit your ideal environment.

Blind Features

Offering a wide variety of features like clear cafe blinds to (light- or dark-) tinted PVC blinds, Shade Screen blinds, and / or water proof straps for our available cafe blinds in Sydney.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance of these clear outdoor blinds or PVC blinds is easy to undertake with simple washing with a soft sponge and mild soap.

Creating Different Rooms using Cafe Blinds Sydney

Commonly seen on patios, these outdoor blinds can also be used for other purposes. You can use PVC blinds or screen blinds for separating rooms with a large area, dividing them for different use.

For outdoor blinds Sydney, our products are of the highest standard in both quality and cost effectiveness. These clear blinds can turn any outdoor area into a productive space protected from changing weather conditions.

Avanti Blinds are the experts in cafe blinds as well as clear cafe blinds and clear outdoor blinds Sydney. Contact us today to find out more about outdoor blinds and PVC blinds .

Latest Avanti Cafe Blinds News

Outdoor blinds Extend Outdoor Living

October 1st 2012

Spring has sprung and we are heading to BBQ season. At Avanti outdoor blinds we have a full range of blinds in shade and clear to keep out the afternoon sun from your eyes and keep you warm as the night progresses